Jul 10, 2020

Just having a website that looks great on your big office desktop isn’t enough anymore, and well it hasn’t been for some time now. A fully optimised mobile website is going to help you to reach more customers at a faster pace proving to be very effective for your business. Building websites now with mobile optimisation at the forefront of the design process is crucial and not only does it make your company look modern and up-to-date but will also help with your visibility online as search algorithms love directing customers to a website that it knows will work well on the device they are using. So what is a mobile optimised website? Well, simply put it’s a normal website that reformats itself totally for different devices. Here are some reasons that make mobile website development an absolute necessity:-

Enhanced use of mobile devices

Mobile devices are the most cost-effective, easily available, handy and portable way for the majority of people to browse online, I mean this is a bit of a given who do you know that doesn’t have a smart phone these days? Mobile devices have become the devices of choice for people of all age, caste or creed in this busy modern world. So in order for you as a business to reach the highest number of customers possible, will undoubtedly require a mobile optimised website.

Easy navigation and contact

With options like image scaling and large button press, users get their required information easily and quickly in as few steps as possible. The mobile world has shortened our attention span with users expectations to be able to see what they want with just a few swipes. A common feature is the click to call button, this allows users to talk to a customer care executive with just one click. Another commonly found mobile feature is one click to maps or directions this of course will help people find your business, visit you in person and hopefully become a customer.

Improved SEO rankings

A Mobile optimised website will keep more users on your site for longer, ultimately generating more sales or leads. So if you are looking at ways to increase your ranking of your website on search engines, to give you an idea of importance, the mobile friendliness criteria is ranked third-most important by Google. So that’s why at MJS Digital we spend so much time working on a talking to you about your mobile strategy.

In conclusion, if you want to be one of the leading websites in this ever-changing socio-economic time, there is no better way to get ahead of your competition than with a mobile optimised website. It gives user satisfaction which in turn attracts more traffic to your website and hopefully converts into sales.