Jul 12, 2020

In today’s world, social media marketing has become extremely popular for every large or small business with the end goal of promoting their products or services. Connecting with customers through social media helps you form a loyal customer base. It can take your business to a much higher level and standing within your target demographic, here are some of the advantages of connecting with your customer using social media:

Direct communication

Eliminating the middle person between you and your customer will give you a much better idea about the customer needs. You receive immediate feedback that will help you to analyse the trends and make changes accordingly.

Good relation means good business

When you communicate with your customers, it is essential they feel humanised and not like they are speaking to an automated machine. Since they will hopefully be spending their time or money on your products/services, this enhances your authenticity to them and they trust you more. This is turn leads to a better relationship and a greater possibility to keep that customer long term.

Cost effective

You will get cost effective online advertising. Your message and brand can reach the target customers by targeted Facebook ads, Twitter messages, LinkedIn posts or Instagram promotion increasing customer base economically but effectively. At MJS Digital we focus on the micro promotion within our macro strategy, what this means is that rather than creating 1 ad to send out to a large pool of customers we would create multiple ads and target specific behaviours or interests to get a better ROI on those ads.

Thus, proper social media customer connection can help you get more receptive customers. It will give your business a considerable boost, no matter what product or services you sell.