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So your website is up and running and you are ready to make your first sale. Now what? Many people assume that once their website is live and they have promoted it on all of their social media channels, the customers will all come flooding in. However, more often than not, this is not the case. Sure, you may have an initial flurry of visitors and sales, but what happens once the hype has died down?

Having a good interactive website is the first step in your businesses digital journey, the next step is to make sure your potential customers can find you. Organic traffic is one of the most reliable and sort after forms of traffic for e-commerce businesses. This is because customers who have landed on your website organically, as in through there own web searches, are 10x more likely to complete a sale and better yet if satisfied, return for repeat purchases.

So how do we get a steady flow of organic traffic? Through Search Engine Optimization aka SEO. SEO helps websites rank high up in search engines for relevant keywords related to their business. The better your SEO Strategy, the more likely you are to rank on the first page of Google, and the more likely you are to generate a sale.

How MJS Digital Can Help?


Here at MJS Digital, we specialise in making businesses a success and have a highly skilled and experienced team ready to put your website on the map. Below are some of the key SEO services we offer;


Through extensive market research, we will establish the keywords best suited to your business to help you attract the right customer and rank higher in search engines for these keywords.


Page and Domain Authority scoring help to indicate to search engines that the website is reputable and trustworthy, thus worth being shown to would-be customers. Your page score can be influenced by quality link building. Link building is a service MJS Digital provide through our SEO Services and Content Marketing Services. Link Building not only helps with SEO but is also used to encourage people to talk about your brand.


We run automatic audits and website crawls for our clients every week to make sure that we are ahead of the game in terms of SEO


SEO is a never-ending task and does not happen overnight. With algorithms and technology changing every day, we offer on-going SEO support to make sure that you are getting the best results for your website.

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Our Clients Say


Without question, these guys make up the most responsive, hard working, open minded team of people I have ever worked with. Respect! Highly recommended.

Jed Simpson

General Manager - TYGRIS

To be working with a team that’s so much more talented than I am is great! I’ve been learning so much! We won “Best Online Business” at Scotland’s Business Awards and I have to thank MJS Digital as we wouldn’t have been able to without them!

George Sinclair

Director - Nimbus Beds